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New Orleans high school student sent home for wearing Colts jersey to school

I had no idea fascism was the preferred form of government taught in the state of Louisiana's school system. Check out this story about Brandon Frost, a 17-year-old Maurepas High School student in New Orleans, LA:

While his classmates took advantage of a policy allowing them to trade their school uniforms for Saints jerseys and T-shirts, 17-year-old Brandon Frost, who grew up in Indianapolis, chose to wear a Colts jersey.

But Frost didn't even have time to sit down in his first-period English class before the principal of his Livingston Parish school yanked him out of class and told him he was being sent home for the day because of his choice in attire.

I wonder if the tools running that high school goose-stepped as they marched Frost off school grounds.

Seriously, the kid grew up in Indianapolis and wanted to show his love for his team. Wearing the jersey bothered no one save the Nazi drones who run the school. Now, the story is all over the place, and it makes the state of Louisiana look like Deutschland, Deutschland über alles. No surprise that the Frost family has contacted the ACLU, which sent a formal letter to Der Leader at the high school, Steve Vampran (such an appropriate last name, I might add).

Is this "bad mojo" for the Saints? No. Stories like this are not going to affect that team, especially since they are here in South Florida while this is happening back in Louisiana. However, this does take a bit of the luster off Saints fans, portraying them as insane, conformist weirdos who will seek retribution on anyone who doesn't scream  "Who Dat!"

And no, I do not think all Saints fans are Nazis. I don't even think a few of them are. I just think the "vampire" running Maurepas High School is a bit of a schmuck.

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