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Gee, ya think ESPN is rooting for the Saints?


It's no big secret down here in South Florida that the media want the Saints to win. In fact, it's pretty damned overt. For them, the Saints winning is a better story than the Colts winning their second championship in four years, creating a compelling argument for team of the decade. However, ESPN has taken the corporate media "Who Dat!" love fest to a new level: They've already declared the Saints the winner.

In an article discussing quarterbacks that have won "only" one ring, Drew Brees is listed with the following tag line:

"After completing the best season in New Orleans Saints history, Drew Brees has finally won his first Super Bowl," the item reads. "Brees' lone Super Bowl victory puts him on an eclectic list of starting quarterbacks with one title to their names."

The link to the article has been severed at ESPN's site. If someone can find it, please post a new link in the comments. I assume ESPN changed the article, but I secretly hope they didn't.

Again, like the fascist Louisiana school principle story, this is not likely to affect the two teams getting ready to play Super Bowl 44. However, it does make ESPN out to be the biased corporate whores they are, clearly wanting a better "story" than just doing their job which is to, you know, report sports news as it happens.