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Stampede Blue at the Super Bowl: Heading to the stadium shortly


I've got a few stories lined up between now and 2pm, but I just wanted to remind everyone that I will be in transit part of the day today. My destination is Sun Life-Landshark-Dolphins-Joe Robbie Stadium. Tonight's game threads will have me there, live, during the Super Bowl. I'll be in one of the press areas along with Joel Thorman of and Arrowhead Pride, and Dave from Canal Street Chronicles, the Saints blog. This will be an entirely new experience for me and my colleagues. I mean, it's not every day that you get to, you know, LIVE BLOG YOUR TEAM AT THE SUPER BOWL!

But, then again, this whole week has been a gaggle of new experiences.

I am working with Joel and Dave on setting up a live podcast from the stadium sometime after 2pm. They let media into the place at 2pm, and we still need to find out where they are putting us so we can set up shop. Dave and I will likely run around and take all kinds of pictures. I took several on Media Day, like the one below.


I have all the tools to do a podcast, which we would run through Blog Talk Radio. However, until I get more details on where we are sitting and setting up shop, I can't lock down a specific time. I'll update when I get those details because I VERY much want to podcast from the stadium.

We're counting down the hours to the big game. In the meantime, enjoy this outstanding poem from peytonsurdaddy, which has about 14 billion recs in our FanPost area. I especially enjoyed this part:

"Twas the night before the Super Bowl, when all through the house,
Not a bleacher was stirring and peytonsurdaddy was sauced.
The uni’s were hung in their lockers with care,
Indy Lori thought, "Peyton’s glute must be bare…"

Bloggers all wrestled with their doubts and their dreads,
While Marked Hoosier’s LOLcats spelled poorly in their threads.
And 805 in his boxers and TheAngelsColts in his Colts’ cap,
Had commented 10,000 times and they’re grammer wuz stil crap.

When in week 15 there arose such a clatter,
One million trolls screaming, "16-0 DOES MATTER!"
Tempers flared like a tire fire with a great and mighty "WHOOSH!"
And with BBS calling everyone but my grandmother a douche.