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Quick Recap, Great gamblers win sometimes

As is their style, the Saints played an aggressive risky gameplan. As with the previous 18 games their gambles paid off. Calling the Saints gamblers is not a slap at their talent. A team that isn't elite doesn't make it to the Super Bowl, let alone be close enough to put the game on the line.

The Saints went for it on 4th down on the goal line, they opened the 2nd half with a surprise onside attempt, and Tracy Porter put the exclamation point on the game in a style that perfectly reflects the Saints attitude. Up just a score the Saints stayed aggressive. Porter jumped Reggie Wayne's route, risking the tying TD, but his success ended the game on the spot.

The Saints made it to the Super Bowl and were in position to win because they are a Championship worthy team, they won because their gambling style succeeded more than it failed them.