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Allow me to disagree with Peter King

From Peter King:

I can't get over the Pierre Garçon drop in the second quarter. Might have been the biggest play in the game.

I don't know about that. For me, giving up two TD drives in two key, critical moments in the game were the key "plays" in the game; the TD off the onside kick, and the TD after the missed Matt Stover FG. Again, you pay defensive players to come up with critical stops at critical times. Those were two critical times, and the Colts didn't stop them.

I'm not throwing the defense under the bus or anything. I'm just saying that if the Saints are stopped on any of those drives, the Colts win. Harping on a dropped ball in the second quarter is a bit much, especially since Garçon played so well for much of the game. The play of the game was the onside kick. Before that, the play of the game was the Colts stuffing the Saints on the goal line. The Colts just didn't make enough plays on defense to win. That is, really, the bottom line, and part of the reason for that was because Drew Brees played brilliant football.

Man, it's weird disagreeing with Peter and not calling him a "douchebag." I think he used some kind of Tibetan mind control on me as we sat in the hotel bar a few nights ago and talked football.

Oh, and if you haven't read our interview with Peter King, here it is again. I'd like to thank him again for taking the time to talk. Remember, King blew off Tunison, (because, you know, Tunison is a schmuck and all) but said yes to me. Yet another reason to not insult Peter King. In fact, we will praise him. Yay PK!