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The predictable mock outrage over Manning not shaking hands

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Vegas should create whole new betting categories on mock media and blogger outrage after a Colts loss. Today, we have people freaking out about Peyton Manning not shaking hands with Drew Brees after the Super Bowl loss:

When it was over and the New Orleans celebration had begun, Manning tight-roped the sideline without talking to anybody, his helmet low on his head, walking purposely toward the locker room. There was no midfield handshake with Brees or anybody.

It was a mistake.

"I'll certainly talk to Drew,'' he said. "I know how it was three years ago when we won, and there's not much consolation for the guys that didn't win. There's the stage being set up, and the celebration, and it's time for the Saints to celebrate. It's their field. They deserve the moment. But I certainly congratulate all their players and the Saints organization. I will speak to Drew, speak to Sean and they deserve all the credit.''

First off, we all know the reason Manning is "tight-roping" the sidelines without talking to anybody. It's because he HATES to lose. We know that. Drew Brees knows that. And it's why we love him. Hell, he didn't even take his helmet off. He was that pissed with himself. As a fan, how can you not love that? Give me 100 people with that kind of drive, and I'll build a elevator to them moon.

Manning is the Mayor of the NFL, and he will do what Manning does. He'll call Brees. He'll call Sean Payton. All will have tremendous personal and professional respect for one another today and loooooong after the post-mortem of Super Bowl 44 is put to bed. Not shaking hands wasn't a slight. It wasn't disrespectful. It wasn't even a "mistake." It was Peyton wrapped up in his thoughts, killing himself for not being perfect.

It's why we love him. It's why he's the best. Drew Brees and Sean Payton would agree with that.

And, predictably, media are droning about how "TERRIBLE!" it is that Manning didn't shake hands with the opponent when the cameras were on him, as if that is the only time such gestures mean anything.