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Expect to pay more next year to watch a Colts game

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The Colts likely made a boatload of money in 2009. They had tremendous media coverage, hosted two playoff games (including the AFCCG), and played in the Super Bowl. That's all big money for a small market team.

Yet, despite all the success in 2009, the Colts will indeed hike ticket prices in 2010:

The team has increased prices in all nine ticket levels, starting with a boost from $34 to $38 for the least expensive tickets and including a bump in the $119 level to $126. The three club-level areas also experienced an increase dependent upon the length of each season-ticket holder’s contract.

Now, before people start getting all pissy and upset over having to pay more money, I remind all of you that this is capitalism. When you have something that everyone wants, you jack up the price and make more profit. That is Business 101. If no one is watching your product, like, say in Jacksonville, you lower your prices to entice people to come to the stadium.

Supply and demand. Welcome to the free market economy.

Personally, I think it is a bit insensitive to raise prices, especially with our "free market economy" still not recovered, but Mr. Jim Irsay can pretty much do what he wants because we fans are likely going to spend the bread anyway. Colts tickets are THE hottest tickets in Indy.