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Marlin Jackson signs with the Eagles

One of the greatest moments in Colts history was Marlin Jackson intercepting Tom Brady to end the AFC Championship Game for the 2006 season. The audio of Bob Lamey screaming, INTERCEPTED! Marlin Jackson! We're goin' to the Super Bowl! WE'RE GOIN' TO THE SUPER BOWL! will live forever in our collective memories.

For that moment alone, we Colts fans thank Marlin. We also wish him well with his new team. Marlin Jackson signed with the Philadelphia Eagles today, a club with a solid front office and a good coach. The system they run in Philly uses similar players to the Tampa-2 the Colts run. Marlin will likely be their nickel back, a position he thrived in with the Colts. He also might play some safety.

To Philly fans, you are getting a good corner. He is still working back from his knee injury, but when he played last year he was effective. I think he will pan out, making Philly's defense stronger. Marlin is a hard worker and tough as nails. He hits like a truck and has shown a knack for making big plays at key times. Our loss is Philly's gain.

Don't boo him Eagles fans. We'll take it personally.

Best of luck, Marlin.