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Mike Florio: Ravens tackle Adam Terry to visit Colts

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This off-season has been pretty weird thus far. We've seen established veterans cut for seemingly no reason, and now we have what amounts to a "flurry" of Colts-related free agents activity.

According to my new "buddy" Mike Florio at PFT, his "sources" tell him former-Ravens tackle Adam Terry will visit the Colts tomorrow. PFT states that Terry appeared in 48 games, starting 18 of them, from 2005 through 2008. He missed the entire 2009 season with a knee injury in training camp. Michael Oher took his spot at right tackle after the injury.

Obvious, Adam Terry is not the Baltimore Ravens tackle everyone and their mother wants the Colts to sign, but the fact that the Colts might bring in yet another free agent offensive lineman strongly suggests that Bill Polian is very serious about bolstering the o-line and making it bigger.

Terry is 6'8 and 335 pounds. Um, yeah. That's "bigger."