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Ryan Lilja failed a physical

The latest update we have on the bizarre releasing of productive guard Ryan Lilja is that he might have been injured.

According to Adam Caplan, host of a Sirius NFL radio show and a writer for, Lilja failed a physical before being cut by the Colts. He posted the news on Twitter in response to a question from coltsbrasil who may be the same coltsbrasil we see commenting on our site from time to time.

This news is rather odd given the fact that the Colts paid Lilja his $1.7 million dollar roster bonus before cutting him. Adding to the oddness, Lilja's agent made it perfectly clear that the reason for cutting Lilja was that the Colts wanted to get "bigger" on the offensive line. Lilja is 6'2, 290 in a league where most o-linemen are 310 and over.

Obviously, Lilja's agent could be throwing up a smoke screen to mask the fact that his client is hurt. An injury would damper Lilja's chances of signing with a new team quickly. But, given that the Colts just signed Andy Alleman (6'4, 310 pounds) and hosted former-Ravens tackle Adam Terry yesterday (6'8, 335 pounds), it seems that Lilja's agent might not have been blowing smoke regarding the Colts' desire to get bigger on the offensive line.

If Lilja is hurt, then I can understand the move. He battled through tough injuries in 2008, and maybe the guy is just wearing down. He had a tremendous career here in Indy and I will have nothing but fond memories of him as a Colts player. He was one of the core guys to turn the team around and solidify an o-line for arguably the greatest offense in NFL history.

I hope he is healthy and lands on his feet somewhere that will appreciate his talent and character. However, if he was cut because of a re-occurring or new injury, that makes sense for the Colts.