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Know Your Colts History: Handicapping the battle to be the next Jim Sorgi


Jim Sorgi's departure not only brings an end to an era, but it kills the punch line of the longest running joke in Indianapolis.  Without Jim Sorgi, there is an unmistakable emptiness in the state of Indiana that will not be filled until we know whose palm is sturdy enough to hold the clipboard he once gripped with such passion and intensity.  

We won't know who is ready to take Sorgi's spot until the third quarter of the first game of the regular season when the camera operator uses a wide shot to focus on Peyton Manning examining plays on the bench and talking with the mysterious man on the bench.  But we can pare down the candidates who are worthy to take Jim Sorgi's spot.

The Incumbent

Curtis Painter - Unlike Sorgi, Painter is still on the roster, so as of right now, he would be in line to take over as the backup quarterback.  But Curtis didn't do much to endear himself to Indianapolis with his performances against New York and Buffalo last season.  Certainly, he forced to deal with some unusual circumstances in the two games he played, but completing only 28.6% of your passes is hard to excuse in any situation.  Plus, we have no idea what kind of psychological scars Painter carries from being the player held most responsible for the Colts losing their perfect season.  Odds: 3/1

Free Agent Possibilities

Derek Anderson - He is one of the few free agents out there the Colts could sign who has a Pro Bowl to his credit.  His lone appearance came in 2008, which doesn't seem like it was too long ago until you consider who else played in the game two years ago:


  • Brett Favre (as a Packer!)
  • John Lynch
  • Fred Taylor
  • Lorenzo Neal
  • Chris Samuels
  • Roy Williams (the safety, not the wide receiver)
  • Torry Holt
  • Jeff Garcia


Suddenly, 2008 seems like a long, long time ago.  Plus, he doesn't take getting booed very well, so if we have another situation where starters get benched late in the season, that could get ugly very quickly.  Odds: 50/1

Charlie Batch - Batch is one of the most experienced clipboard holders in the NFL, holding clipboards for Tommy Maddox, and Ben Roethlisberger.  He would probably have the shortest adjustment period of any player available in free agency.  Then again, he hasn't thrown for a touchdown since 2007.  Odds: 20/1

Jake Delhomme - I'm not going to lie, I just want to have a Jake on the Colts again.  There has been a void in my life since Jake Scott left.  Odds: 200/1

J.P. Losman - When you have the opportunity to sign someone who has a UFL Championship ring, you have to do your due diligence.  Odds: 100/1

Draft Possibilities

Mike Kafka - Bill Polian likes Big Ten quarterbacks.  Three of the last four quarterbacks Polian has drafted have come from the conference, so the Northwestern product would be a perfect fit.  Kafka won't win games with his arm strength but he's got a high football I.Q. (he did go to Northwestern after all), critical to keeping up with mental demands of playing quarterback in Indianapolis.  Odds: 10/1

Jevan Snead - He has good size for a quarterback and he went to the same college Archie Manning did, what's not to like?  Odds: 30/1

Tim Tebow - Gregg Doyel seems to think he would be a great fit, so if you support Tebow coming to Indianapolis, odds are you also think Marvin Harrison is a fraud.  Besides, do you think Peyton will want to take calls from a former Gator?  Didn't think so.  Odds: 413/1