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Results of Mocking the Draft's LIVE Mock Draft

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Over at Mocking the Draft, SB Nation's NFL Draft blog, an uber mock draft is taking place today organized by Stampede Blue regular TheAngelsColts and other SB Nation regulars like JP 23, a Dolphins fan. The Mock has, so far, gone into Round Two, but Round One was not without some intrigue.

Stampede Blue editor Joe Baker (aka shake n bake) made a trade with Mr MaLoR, who was drafting for the Ravens, sending the Colts' 31st and 94th picks to the Ravens for their 25th and 152nd picks. Armed with the 25th overall pick, Joe selected USC tackle Charles Brown.

Nice move there, Joe.

Some notable selections in the mock draft are:

  • The Rams taking Ndamukong Suh first overall.
  • Sam Bradford went #9 overall to the Bills.
  • C.J. Spiller went 10th overall to the Jaguars (sort of a head-scratcher there)
  • They are currently deep into the Second Round, and Tim Tebow has not been drafted

Special thanks should go to the people at MtD who organized this massive mock: TheAngelsColts, JP 23, Joe Baker, Quincyyyyy, and others. Outstanding job putting this thing all together, and thanks to Mocking Dan for promoting it.

Now the question is, did Joe make the right move with the trade and selection? I personally think it was good. What about you? Vote in the poll.

Round One of the MtD Mock Draft

Round Two of the MtD Mock Draft

Shake Update: The 2nd round is in the books and the Colts pick at #63 is Clemson edge rusher Ricky Sapp. Sapp is undersized, but can really get after the quarterback. He has a serious chance to go in the late 1st or early 2nd to some 3-4 team in need of a pass rush. In the late 2nd he's too much value to pass up as an insurance policy for and possible successor to Freeney and/or Mathis.

The draft will continue with the 3rd and 4th rounds next weekend.