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Changes to Stampede Blue writing crew


We're head-long into the off-season for 2010, and we've been pumping out content at a rather consistent rate. However, since the Super Bowl, it has been obvious to Joe and me that Stampede Blue needs an influx of fresh voices in order to round out the content. Also, the end of the 2009 season meant the end of the writing fellowships. We saw some great stuff from writers Colt Homer and KingRichard (aka, Rick Browning). Rick has gone on to start a new Colts blog (The 12th Horseman) and it's our hope both he will continue to poke his head in here and say hi when he can.

Also, Colt Homer has written some very good draft profiles and we hope he continues to feed more to us. Pretty much any draft pick he writes-up will get promoted to the front-page.

Thank you to both Rick and Colt Homer for all the work you did throughout the nuttiness that was the 2009 season.

With our fellows now graduating to newer and better things, Joe and I decided to put the fellowship on hold while we re-evaluate content on the blog. However, this doesn't mean we don't need help.

Enter LovinBlue, aka Laura.

LovinBlue has been with Stampede Blue since 2008. For Joe and I, the running joke we had regarding her was she broke news on Stampede Blue faster than Mike Florio does as PFT. Someone as dedicated to posting important news, who is also intelligent enough to write thorough player medical reports like this, is an individual we simply had to include in our blog's writing family. LovinBlue will handle the weekly links articles for the blog along her usual stories on player injuries. She will also post breaking news on the site's front-page. 

LovinBlue is a big fan of the Cal Golden Bears. So, if any Cal Bears get drafted by the Colts, she gets first dibs on doing write-ups on them.

In addition to Laura, we plan to bring in a few more people to help with the blog. Details on that are coming soon.

So, once again, join me in thanking Rick and CH while also welcoming Laura (aka, LovinBlue) into the writing family.