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The signing on Adam Terry is now "official"

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The Colts have officially announced the signing of former-Ravens guard Adam Terry to a one-year deal. Of course, we knew this last week, but the Colts have a habit of announcing news not when it, you know, happens but when it is convenient for them. I'm not bashing them for this, but it does add an extra layer of silliness to the whole "breaking news" process.

Interestingly, this weekend LovinBlue pointed me to this blog article from the Baltimore Sun about Terry:

Terry wasn't tendered a contract by the Ravens last month, which made him a free agent. The second of two second-round picks by the Ravens in 2005 (linebacker Dan Cody was the other), Terry never lived up to expectations because of injuries and mild-manner attitude.

The dude won't make it past Training Camp if he brings a "lazy" attitude to the Colts. There is nothing wrong with being mild-mannered. Tony Dungy was mild-mannered. However, when someone uses that phrasing to describe a player's attitude, it tends to suggest Terry lacked toughness as a lineman.

We shall see if it carries over to the Colts, or if the environment here suits him better.