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Why are the Colts sniffing around the bum that is Richie Incognito?

One of the things we Colts fans enjoy hanging our hats on (much to the annoyance of other fan bases) is that Jim Irsay and Bill Polian do not spend money on dirt bags.

They don't draft players with questionable or sketchy pasts. They don't sign free agents with serious baggage. They don't look for me-first showman more interested in their Twitter friends than touchdowns. And, they do not field a dirty team.

So, if that is the case, why the hell are they actively going after the scum wad that is Richie Incognito?

Richie Incognito, voted by his peers as the NFL's dirtiest player last season, will make a free-agent visit to the Miami Dolphins on Monday, a league source said.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts also are after the controversial offensive guard, the source said, but he will make his first visit to South Florida in hopes of signing here.

Incognito, 26, nearly joined the Dolphins in December, but they lost out on their waiver claim to the Buffalo Bills, who were lower in the standings.

The dude was cut loose from both the Rams and the Bills. I mean, give me a break! I understand he has all kinds of talent and ability. That's all fine and good. Talent and ability mean nothing when your head is firmly lodged and locked straight up your own rectum.

Berardino also reports that Incognito has been fined "nearly six figures for various on-field incidents so far in his brief NFL career."

Incognito (6-feet-3, 324 pounds), who has made 47 career starts, joined Buffalo last season after a "run-in with coach Steve Spagnuolo during a Dec. 13 game against the Titans," Berardino writes.

"Incognito received a pair of personal foul penalties in that game, both for head-butting an opponent," he wrote. "He was fined $50,000 by the league and threatened with a possible suspension…

… "You can call me what you want," he told the Buffalo News in December. "I’m a hard-nosed football player. I bring my ‘A’ game every Sunday."

They have to find new words other than "dirty" to describe Incognito's style of play. "Soiled" is more appropriate. He was voted the Dirtiest Player in the NFL in 2009. According to his Wikipedia page:

On November 4, 2009, Sports Illustrated polled 296 NFL players and found Incognito to be the seventh dirtiest player in the NFL behind players such as Hines Ward, Albert Haynesworth, and Joey Porter, a distinction stemming from multiple on the field incidents over the years that have resulted in numerous personal fouls and fines. In one such game on Oct. 12, 2008, against the Washington Redskins, Richie was fined $35,000 for three separate in-game incidents that included a personal foul for "repeated verbal abuse of a game official", a major facemask penalty, and an illegal chop block.[12] In addition to the Sports Illustrated poll, Incognito was voted the NFL's dirtiest player in a Sporting News poll of 99 players.

The December 13, 2009, game was the fourth in three years in which Incognito drew two personal foul penalties in a game, and the second since Steve Spagnuolo became head coach; in the 2009 opener, Incognito was benched by his coach after his second 15-yard penalty, which negated gains by the Rams' offense. These continued transgressions led to his release by the Rams on December 15, 2009. After being released, Incognito was fined $500,000,000 for the headbutt to the two Tennessee Titans players. A total of five players were fined from that game.

I want absolutely no part of this schmuck. Incognito is perfect for Oakland, Pittsburgh, and New England, where dirty, ugly play is cheered with the same gusto as a perfectly thrown TD pass. Keep that sh*t out of Indianapolis. Here, we win the "right way," and the right way has got nothing to do with fart stains like Richie Incognito.

I mean seriously, do you honestly want this guy in a game with the Colts down 4 with a minute left? You don't think someone on the other team is going to goad him into losing his cool in the clutch?

Again, talent is secondary to intelligence in the NFL, and Richie ain't got the brains to make it in this league. I'm utterly shocked Polian is even considering the guy. If ever there was an indication that the club has ZERO faith in players like Mike Pollak, this is it.

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