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So, I'm going to assume you are happy Tim Jennings signed with the Bears

Than man everyone loved to hate is gone. Tim Jennings, who was seemingly blamed for every Colts loss from 2006-2009, signed with Lovie Smith's Chicago Bears. While there is no guarantee that Jennings will stay in Chicago, the fact that another Tony Dungy disciple is taking a shot at him tells me that Jennings is not a "bad" as people here claim he is.

And, again, this all goes back to my own personal definition of "bad." Bad corner play is David Macklin. Bad corner play is Jason David his rookie year. Bad corner play is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the Week Three of the 2009 season against the Colts.

I mean seriously, you ever see a player do to Jennings what Pierre Garçon did to Rodgers-Cromartie that game?

For all the complaining people did that Jennings "gave too much cushion," I don't recall any instances where we saw him get run over, beat deep, embarrassed, or "toasted" for a long TD. He played Tampa-2 corner the way he was coached: Keep everything in front of you. He seemed to play hard every game and didn't back down when coaches would (stupidly) match him up with 6'3 wide receivers. He was also a good special teams player.

For a second round pick, Jennings was indeed a bust. However, it's not like the Colts passed up HUGE talent by picking him. Players like Tony Scheffler, Greg Jennings, and Maurice Jones-Drew were selected just a few picks before the Colts at #62. After #62, the only guys worth noting are Dusty Dvoracek, Eric Winston, and Jerious Norwood. None of those guys have really lit the NFL on fire. It wasn't until Round Four of that draft that you saw players like Owen Daniels, Leon Washington, and Elvis Dumervil

So, while I am sure many of you have nothing but poison in your heart for Tim Jennings, I personally think he was a decent corner who did his job. I'm not going out and buying his jersey or anything, but I don't equate him to some of the more horrible players that have walked through this franchise.