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With the 9th Pick in the 2010 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, the Buffalo Bills select...

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Bryan Bulaga, OT - Iowa

Pick made by Cassieper:

In the past year, the Bills have been absolutely destroyed at the offensive tackle position. Their original starting LT, Demetrius Bell, ended up on injured reserve with a knee injury. In addition to being iffy on coming back well next year, Bills fans didn't like him as their LT while he was healthy. Their replacement for Bell, Jonathan Scott, was signed away to the Steelers. To make it even worse, the Bills' starting right tackle, Brad Butler, pulled a [Quinn] Pitcock on them and retired after 4 years. So yeah, the Buffalo Bills need some tackles, emphasis on the plural form there.

The only situation that would challenge this pick would be if Clausen or Bradford magically fell. Since that didn't happen, the choice was narrowed down to either Bulaga or Rutgers OT Anthony Davis. Since the combine, Bulaga has been shooting up boards due to impressive interviews and the cause of his thyroid condition being revealed. Davis, on the other hand, has encountered some problems with his weight (30 pound swings aren't normal in any case), and he also has effort questions. It seems to be a question of a risky pick but higher ceiling (Davis), or the ready, safer pick (Bulaga). Since the Bills desperately need multiple tackles, they can't afford to have this pick bust. Thus, they go the safe route by taking Bulaga and get a great player.

How will he impact the 2010 Bills?

Offensive tackles typically transition very well to the NFL, and Bulaga should be no exception. He's already deemed very much ready for the NFL, and the Bills' absolute lack of having anybody at offensive tackle will give him ample opportunity to start. If it is determined that Bulaga is not ready to be an LT yet (like some scouts have said), the Bills will have no problem putting him at RT, which Bulaga should excel at. In either scenario, it's hard to envision Bulaga not being a 16-game productive starter next season, barring injury of course.

If Bulaga is taken #9 by the Bills, it would be the first OT taken in the first round by the Bills since 2002, when they drafted Mike Williams #4 overall. He will also be 2nd OT from Iowa drafted in the Top 10 since 2004 (Robert Gallery).

Bulaga's Scouting Report from Mocking the Draft

The Jaguars, and peytonsthebest, are on the clock...

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter
1 St. Louis Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame TouchdownColts
2 Detroit Russell Okung OT Oklahoma St. coltsfan723
3 Tampa Bay Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska TheAngelsColts
4 Washington Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma Colts Homer
5 Kansas City Eric Berry S Tennessee sanders_fan89
6 Seattle Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma shake n bake
7 Cleveland Earl Thomas S Texas 2ndBlueGeneration
8 Oakland Bruce Campbell OT Maryland LovinBlue
9 Buffalo Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa Cassieper
10 Jacksonville peytonsthebest
11 Denver JPBarnett
12 Miami fpacheco
13 San Francisco BlueVol03
14 Seattle shake n bake
15 N.Y. Giants gizzardfanny
16 Tennessee Addai Another Day
17 San Francisco BlueVol03
18 Pittsburgh LV Steelers Fan
19 Atlanta fiftycal2004
20 Houston Aerostar193
21 Cincinnati FineClub
22 New England skywalker
23 Green Bay bracketismyboy
24 Philadelphia TehRhino
25 Baltimore SupermanWearsBobSander'sPJs
26 Arizona NYKings
27 Dallas jules62
28 San Diego chad72
29 N.Y. Jets diagenesis
30 Minnesota DClark#44
31 Indianapolis mgrex03
32 New Orleans palco