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Sorry, but this is a football blog; reports of draft prospects

Without fail, during this time of year our blog seemingly shifts from 24 hour football to 24 hour NCAA basketball. One friend of mine yesterday stated that he loved the first week of the NCAA Tournament because it reminded him of Sundays in the NFL.

"Turn your head to any TV and a different game is on."

While I'm sure many of you want to talk about #3 Georgetown folding up like a tent against #14 Ohio, or Texas completely choking their entire season (they were ranked #1 at one point) by losing in the first round to Wake Forest, the reality is we are a football blog. Thus, we talk pigskin this fine morning.

After the jump, the Colts invite some draft prospects to their house to watch Butler beat up on UTEP.

The Colts recently had scheduled visits with University of Cincinnati LT Jeff Linkenbach and Arizona LB Vuna Tuihalamaka, according to's Ed Thompson. Currently, we don't have draft profiles up on either player, and both are non-existent on Mocking the Draft's radar.

Also, in case all this basketball talk has you starving for more draft chatter, at their draft simulator has the Colts taking defensive tackle Jared Odrick. If a kid like Odrick is there at #31, the Colts will indeed take him. Colts leadership has very close ties to Joe Paterno and Penn State. Jim Caldwell used to coach for Paterno. Also, Oderick is a beast. From Mocking Dan:

5. Jared Odrick | 6'5, 308 pounds | Penn State

Odrick's quickness will earn him a shot in the NFL. He's really quick off the snap and specializes at getting after the quarterback. His skill set could also make him a solid 3-4 end candidate. He just needs to improve his anchor strength some.

At 6'5, 308, he's perfectly suited as a tackle in a Tampa-2 scheme, especially the one used by the Colts. With Raheem Brock gone, the Colts would very much like to continue beefing up the interior of the d-line. Though it is not a "need" like o-line, if a guy like Odrick is there, you take him. Draft Tek lists him as a plus 7 value if he is there at #31.