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Peyton Manning wants the Colts to draft Tim Tebow

No, the title is not mis-leading. When someone of Peyton Manning's stature comes out and says the following about the football messiah known as Tim Tebow, it is indeed a push for the Colts to potentially draft the guy:

When speaking about Tebow during Super Bowl week, Manning hinted the Colts could use him immediately.

"With all the problems we’ve had on third-and-1, fourth-and-1, short yardage, I’d take him in a heartbeat. He’s probably 100 percent in his career on converting those," Manning said. "I’ve seen him make a lot of [NFL] throws. He’s done a lot of damage to Tennessee over the years. I’m not disappointed to see him graduate from the University of Florida."

Conisdering the Colts inability to gain a key third-and-one in the Super Bowl, I imagine Manning's opinion of Tebow has shot up about 1000% since he made those comments. I don't recall Manning praising Tebow like this during Super Bowl week. Then again, I was so busy focusing the two teams actually playing in the game that I really did not give a crap about some over-rated Florida QB who had a worse throwing release than the "immortal" Byron Leftwich.

Still, when Manning throws his endorsement out there for someone, it is not done lightly. He measures every word because he knows anything he says gets blown up by us media whores. I personally would have no problem seeing Bill Polian take Tim Tebow in Round Four.

But in the first or second day of the draft? No way.

I'm sure Tebow's character and his intangibles are on par with Moses and Noah, but if you are just now learning how to throw a football the way a professional does, it means you are not a first or second day pick at quarterback.

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