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NFL Pro Bowl will be played before the Super Bowl, will move back to Hawaii

This move is a head-scratcher: The NFL is moving the Pro Bowl back to Hawaii, but will keep the game before the Super Bowl

This past season, the Pro Bowl was held in Miami the week before the Super Bowl. It generated strong ratings and provided viewers with something football-related the week before the big dance. Yes, several big name players dropped out because they are punks... er, were "injured," but whatever. The game was somewhat enjoyable to watch and the increased viewership justifies keeping the game before the Super Bowl.

However, the 2010 Super Bowl home is not South Florida. It's Jerry World, the gigantic phallic replacement known as "Cowboys Stadium," which is located in the happening hot spot that is Arlington, TX. I guess having the Pro Bowl held in the same city as the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame just doesn't seem to have the "flare" that South Beach offered. 

Despite the flaws of the Pro Bowl, it just makes sense to keep it in the same town as the Super Bowl for logistical purposes, especially if several players who are in the Super Bowl were also voted into the Pro Bowl. I mean, they at least need to make an appearance at the exhibition game, do some interviews, shake some hands, and be done with it. Yeah, having the Pro Bowl in Arlington kind of sucks, but the Pro Bowl in general sucks already. Why make it more of a hassle than it already is by having it somewhere other than the host Super Bowl town?

Instead of leaning on the side of practicality, the NFL has decided to return the Pro Bowl to Honolulu, Hawaii. This means that several players will have to fly all the way out to the islands, hang around for a day, participate in a meaningless game, and then fly 3,778 miles from Honolulu to Arlington in time for Monday evening press events at the Super Bowl.


This just doesn't seem like a smart move, and I assume players and coaches everywhere met this Pro Bowl news with one, big, collective groan.