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Know Your Colts History: Off-Season Tweeting


There was some positive feedback the last time I tried a post like this, and without a whole lot of Colts news to talk about, I figured I would bring it back this week.  Dean Biasucci's Twitter (which I'm pretty sure is a fake, but still) also contributed the inspiration for this week's post.  Enjoy!

Peyton Manning (dontbheyton)

  • It seemed like a good pass at the time. #sorryaboutthat #wonthappenagain
  • Don't forget I got this team to the Super Bowl without @speedygonza11ez.  Just think what we'll do next year!
  • I'll let you guess how many times I've re-watched the game since the Super Bowl.  Hint: Guess in the 3 digit range.

Melvin Bullitt (stevemcqu33n)

  • What's up with my Texas A&M Aggies playing Utah State?  That's Aggie on Aggie violence!

John Chick (chicksdigchick)

  • @stevemcqu33n Don't be dissin my Aggies!

Anthony Gonzalez (speedygonza11ez)

  • What do me and Greg Oden have in common? We were both big prospects when we left Ohio State in 2007 and we're both hurt our knees.
  • At least I don't have pictures of myself floating around on the internet.
  • Then again, everyone knows I sleep in tent because of this:

Jeff Saturday (everyplayshouldbesaturday)

  • It's weird not seeing my alma mater, UNC, in the tourney this year.

Gijon Robinson (couldupassthegijon)

  • @everyplayshouldbesaturday I wish I knew what that felt like.