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Pondering the coaching changes, including the now "famous" Jim Bob Cooter


James Robert "Jim Bob" Cooter


Last month, we pondered the odd move to sign former-Bears Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner as the Colts' new Wide Receivers Coach. I didn't question the move because I bought into the anti-Turner hate that seeps out of Chicago. Turner was not the reason the Bears offense has sucked during the Lovie Smith tenure. Jerry Angelo and his crappy draft record is the real culprit in that department.

The reason I was confused by hiring Turner as Receivers Coach was because the Colts already had a great coach in that area: Clyde Christensen.

Christensen was also the Assistant Head Coach in 2009, taking the title after Jim Caldwell (the AHC under Tony Dungy) was promoted to Head Coach. Yesterday, Ron Turner was formally announced as the new Wide Receivers Coach while Clyde Christensen was given the official title of Offensive Coordinator to go with his existing Assistant Head Coach title.

So, what does this mean for longtime Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore, the legendary offensive guru that helped craft Peyton Manning as a quarterback?

Well, according to, Moore will simply retain the title "Senior Offensive Coordinator." This means he will continue to remain a consultant. It also likely means Christensen will have more control over the Colts offense. In addition, the Colts have officially announced Pete Metzelaars was the Offensive Line Coach, replacing his coaching mentor Howard Mudd. Mudd retired after the Super Bowl. Ron Prince, the former-head coach at Kansas, has taken Metzelaars' old spot as the Assistant Offensive Line Coach.

Again, many of these changes were known about weeks ago. Why the Colts decided to "officially" announce them now? Beats me.

The one coaching announcement that we did not know about might end up being the most entertaining. In a state known for rednecks, race car driving, and "State Fair hair," a man named Jim Bob Cooter was promoted from staff assistant to Offensive Assistant. Yes, Jim Bob Cooter is now working with our offense.

Jim. Bob. Cooter.

While I am sure Jim Bob Cooter is a great guy and will end up being a great coach, his name is going to get rung through the ringer all across the Internet. Get ready for the inevitable snobby comments from this guy on the appropriateness of a guy named Jim Bob working with the Indianapolis Colts. Brace yourself for KSK jumping all over a male with the last name "Cooter."

While I admit I chuckle a bit when I type the words "Coach Cooter," the fact that the usual suspects will likely berate this guy on cue kind of takes away from the humor. It just means that certain blogs have Nuked the Fridge.

Already, Mike Florio is at it, digging into Coach Cooter's past and generally making fun of the dude's name. Despite the juvenile nature of Florio's post, it is worth noting that Cooter's past is indeed pretty sketchy. But hey, at least he isn't suspected of raping women, unlike a certain quarterback in Pittsburgh. Maybe the Colts are trying to help ole Jim Bob by giving him a chance, which is fine. They do that with talented but troubled players all the time. Why not with coaches? Cooter was once a quarterback at the University of Tennessee. So, likely there is a Peyton Manning connection. (Sigh... somewhere, someone is laughing a the phrase "Cooter connected to Manning.")

All juvenile stupidity aside, I guess we can now "officially" welcome coaches Turner, Prince, and Cooter to the team. We also "officially" congratulate coach Christensen and coach Metzelaars on their new job titles.