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With the 12th Pick in the 2010 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, the Miami Dolphins select...

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Dez Bryant, WR - Oklahoma St.

Pick made by fpacheco:

Since the 2005 form of Chris Chambers, the Dolphins haven't had a true No. 1 Wide Receiver. Ted Ginn is a complete bust, and Greg Camarillo will never be a No. 1 receiver. Second-year WR Brian Hartline showed promise, but even if he developed into a solid starter, he could use some help. It is clear that Bryant has both the physical skills and the intangibles to become that No.1 WR pretty soon (a-la Michael Crabtree or Calvin Johnson).

NT (Jason Ferguson is old, and has an 8 game suspension) and Safety (They failed to sign Antrel Rolle and Ryan Clark, and they released one-year-bust Gibril Wilson) are both needs, but Bill Parcells and Co. need to address this need they've had since they came here. Bryant has some character issues, but I'm sure the Dolphins will be able to exploit his talent while keeping him calmed.

How will he impact the 2010 Dolphins?

The Dolphins have always held an open competition with their Wide Receivers, and this year won't be an exception. Bryant will probably be ahead of Patrick Turner and Ted Ginn on the depth chart by the end of Preseason, and he may go past Greg Camarillo and even Brian Hartline as the season develops. He'll probably have 60-70 catches for 750+ yard season, similar to what Michael Crabtree would have done last year if he had played in all 16 games.

If Bryant is taken #12 by the Dolphins, it would be the 2nd WR taken in the first round over the past 4 years (the entire Ginn Family). He will also be the first WR taken in the first round from Oklahoma St since 2004 (Rashaun Woods). Along with Russell Okung, this would be the first time since 1989 that OSU would have 2 players drafted in the first round (Barry Sanders, Hart Lee Dykes).

Bryant's Scouting Report from Mocking the Draft

The 49ers, and BlueVol03, are on the clock...

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter
1 St. Louis Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame TouchdownColts
2 Detroit Russell Okung OT Oklahoma St. coltsfan723
3 Tampa Bay Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska TheAngelsColts
4 Washington Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma Colts Homer
5 Kansas City Eric Berry S Tennessee sanders_fan89
6 Seattle Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma shake n bake
7 Cleveland Earl Thomas S Texas 2ndBlueGeneration
8 Oakland Bruce Campbell OT Maryland LovinBlue
9 Buffalo Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa Cassieper
10 Jacksonville Rolando McClain LB Alabama peytonsthebest
11 Denver Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech JPBarnett
12 Miami Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma St. fpacheco
13 San Francisco BlueVol03
14 Seattle shake n bake
15 N.Y. Giants gizzardfanny
16 Tennessee Addai Another Day
17 San Francisco BlueVol03
18 Pittsburgh LV Steelers Fan
19 Atlanta fiftycal2004
20 Houston Aerostar193
21 Cincinnati FineClub
22 New England skywalker
23 Green Bay bracketismyboy
24 Philadelphia TehRhino
25 Baltimore SupermanWearsBobSander'sPJs
26 Arizona NYKings
27 Dallas jules62
28 San Diego chad72
29 N.Y. Jets diagenesis
30 Minnesota DClark#44
31 Indianapolis mgrex03
32 New Orleans palco