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More Stampede Blue news: National Football Post partnership announced

Again, it's Monday. While I'm sure you'd much rather me blog about something related, perhaps, football, all I can tell you is be patient and the football stories will come flying in relatively soon. For now, I have a few more important announcements regarding the blog and SB Nation.

First of all, if you missed it over the weekend, please take the time to fill-out this survey.

Remember what I said earlier, about how we only like to work with sponsors that actually have something to do with football and the Colts? Surveys like this help sponsors we have relationships with target specific audiences in our network. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a baseball glove company to target their new line of products to Colts fans like us, does it? The survey asks lots of general questions (How often do you watch sports? What sports do you watch? How often do you attend live games? Etc.) Your address, name, phone, and other personal info are not requested. So relax. Filling out the survey will not result in cheesy salesman banging on your door.

Second, if you have not already noticed, SB Nation, and by extension Stampede Blue, has entered into a partnership with National Football Post. At the top of NFP's site, you'll see a banner that states In Association with SB Nation. I know many of you read NFP, and I'm excited that we now have a closer relationship with them. Several NFP writers have more access to information, and people like Mike Lombardi do a good job covering the league. This partnership is yet another effort on the part of my parent network to reach out and expand our blog content.

Oh, and we did not "buy them" and they did not "buy us" or anything along those lines. It's a real partnership.

OK. That is all for the announcements this morning. See how painless that was? Now, go get your morning coffee, chat about the premiere episode of Breaking Bad with some co-workers, and by the time you get back to your computer we'll have actual Colts news posted.