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So, who have the Colts shown "interest" in drafting?

They call this the "Silly Season," but I personally believe people who refer to this time of year by that designation are not real football fans.

It's never "silly" to want to read every possible rumor you can get your hands on regarding your favorite team. Only elitists think that the game only matters when actual games are being played, and I personally cannot stand elitist people. The "Silly" Season" followers are the kind of "fanatical" team lovers that make up the NFL's foundation. Dismissing them, or belittling their love for their team is kind of like a Death Metal band performing  Nobody gives a crap about the MLB Draft, and, unless you have a top five selection (awarded via a dumb, random ping-pong ball lottery draw), no one cares about the NBA Draft.

The NFL Draft? Hell, more fans watch that than the Super Bowl!

So, it goes without saying that if you are a fanatical Colts fan, you want to know who the Colts are interviewing, working out, and watching at college Pro Days. Guys like Paul Kuharsky roll their eyes at this kind of fan interest, but he is paid to be a cynical reporter who only writes something when someone like Jeff Fisher sneezes or wipes his ass. Tracking who the Colts are possibly interested in is work left for bloggers (even though Paul is called a "blogger" by ESPN, a title I still laugh at whenever I see him referred to as such).

Thus, a blogger like me is here to fill the content void and provide you Colts fans with an easy-to-use Draft Interest chart that tracks who the Colts potentially covet in the 2010 NFL Draft. You can always access this updated chart at the Draft Interest page (linked along the left of the blog).

Oh, and in case some of you think that I'm insulting Kuharsky, that's not the case. Paul is well aware of my feelings towards ESPN calling him and Bill Williamson "bloggers." It's a stupid, uninformed title for beat writers that cover NFL Divisions for a major corporate octopus like ESPN, and it sends a message that the World Wide Leader is very disconnected from the "grassroots" level of sports. If Paul Kuharsky is a blogger, I'm a certified Dental Hygienist.