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New NFL overtime rule for the playoffs passes, only four "no" votes

[UPDATE]: A press conference will be carried on NFL Network (if you have Comcast, you should be able to watch it), and it will be conducted by Falcons President Rich McKay and Colts President Bill Polian. Both are members of the Competition Committee. --bbs

From NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora, via our own Matt Grecco (mgrex03):

NFL's OT changes for playoffs passed. press conference upcoming. check out and NFL Network for more

Peter King is also reporting that only the only "no" votes came from the Bills, Vikings, Ravens, and Bengals. The Bills and the Bengals I can understand. Ralph Wilson and Mike Brown are total schmucks, and often vote against things that make sense for everyone else on God's green earth, but not to them. However, the Vikings voting against this is idiotic. They lost the NFC Championship Game because of questionable officiating, bad ball spots, and a clutch FG. That game is THE REASON the owners pushed this through.

Zigi Wilf, there's egg on your face.

The positive here is that playoff games cannot end on a field goal in OT. The negative is that rules for the postseason that don't apply to the regular season sends a clear message to season ticket holders that those 16 games you dropped thousands of dollars on are simply not that important.

NFL owners seem to have no problem screwing up regular season games. But actual playoff games? Oh no! We can't f*ck those up. To many eyeballs watching then to warrant a f*ck up on that kind of stage.

I worry that a scenario similar to the NFCCG will happen during the regular season, and it will have serious playoff implications. Thus, since the OT rules serve only the playoffs, it makes the league look like a bunch of hypocrites. What makes the NFL great is that they seem to value their "regular" games just as much as their playoff games. In the NBA and MLB, that is simply not the case. Sadly, by the NFL adopting OT rule changes only for playoff games, it sends them down the same dark, murky road as the NBA and MLB.