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Jim Irsay Speaks, and We Listen

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One of the vagaries of being prepared so far ahead of time to publish stories is the risk of missing breaking news.  This happened to me with yesterday's edition of Luke Links, which missed a link to this great interview that Mike Chappell of the Indy Star did with Jim Irsay. 

John Oehser also pointed to the story, pointing out that Irsay will sometimes say things that other members of the organization won't, and that his is a fresh perspective.  Now on to the key points from the interview:


Tip to TheAngelsColts

  • Clyde Christensen will run the offense, and this may be Moore's last year with the Colts
  • The goal is for the O-Line to get more physical in the running game, but there won't be a significant philosophical change to running more
  • Irsay is excited to get Gonzo and Bobzilla back; it's like getting two #1 picks
  • Getting Manning's contract done is a key focus this offseason, and could establish the QB position for the next 4, 5, or SIX years... um, yes please!
  • It looks like training camp will be back in Terre Haute this year