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Who The Hell Will They Draft? Penn State DT, Jared Odrick

Odrick is one of 8 official draft invites extended by the league, this was a bit of a surprise as Odrick's stock was generally placed in the late first, with a ceiling of #22 to New England. The draft invite has upped the buzz around Odrick with many suggesting that Odrick's fit as a 3-4 DE could have him drafted far earlier than expected, a-la Tyson Jackson (considered a mid 1st round pick, Jackson was taken #3 overall by the Chiefs). If Odrick does have a long wait in the green room that Thursday night the Colts are definitely one of the teams that could end it.

Odrick is a 6'5" 304lb, 3 technique DT. He excels in the power game holding well against the run, even as he drew double teams and bull rushing interior linemen with good success. The holes in his game are a lack of elite athleticism. He's no immobile fatty, but doesn't shine in pursuit either. Odrick would be a good 1st round pick in the later half of the round for a team looking for a player who is strong against the run, but can still be a factor pushing the pocket against the pass.

Mocking the Draft

Is a good bull rusher because he's strong and lanky. Only move is the bull rush. Slow on stunts and is more a straight-forward player. Doesn't have the speed to close unless the quarterback is right in front of him.....Doesn't have great lateral agility. Takes missteps doesn't shift his hips easily. Doesn't have the speed to track down quick and fast players in the open field. Is a hard worker who plays with a lot of tenacity.....Shows solid quickness at the point of attack. Fluidly moves off the line at the snap.....Played against double teams a lot and still managed to be fairly effective against the run. Is much better in the tackle box than working outside of it......Even though Odrick doesn't have the best bulk, he already shows good strength. Uses his strength to collapse the pocket. Stacks and sheds nicely.....Odrick has the power to manage arm tackles. His long arms are really useful because he can reach out and grab a ball carrier before their superior speed creates separation. Can be beaten in the open because of his stiffer hips.

NFL Draft Scout

Has good height, strength, agility and length to be a consistent penetrator. Bowled over many college linemen with his bull rush and seems to be in motion with the snap of the ball. Has some shiftiness and is able to penetrate with a swim or an inside-out move when blocked one-on-one. Uses his hands to discard linemen. Disrupts passing lanes with his long arms and big hands, keeping his eyes in the backfield. Can accelerate to the quarterback after initial contact but does not have elite quickness or change-of-direction ability to come back and make the sack or chase down plays in the backfield........Usually holds his ground inside or pushes back against double-teams. Disengages from blocks to get back into the play and has made stops four or five yards downfield. Not quick enough laterally, but uses his strength to move down the line while engaged on stretch plays.....Good quickness and pop off the snap. Able to knock his man back a step or two into the pocket. Improved his get-off as a senior playing the three-technique and is able to consistently penetrate from that spot.......Brute strength makes him a tough assignment in pass protection for college linemen. Stacks his man and rips off in either direction to fill a hole. Pushes the pocket as a pass rusher, even when double-teamed. Plays tall but controls the line on almost every snap when straight-up or doubled.

Odrick’s nice combination of size and strength making him a good fit inside in a 4-3 or as a 3-4 defensive end. Shows good initial quickness getting off the ball but is more of a straight-line guy. Competitive defender against the run. Productive player during his time in college. Has been a durable performer later in his career.

Is only an average athlete with below-average lateral mobility. We question his change of distance in space. Odrick’s struggles to separate and disengage from blockers, needs to expanded his pass rush package and range.

Odrick would be a very useful player on the DL, where he should be able to hold up very well against the run at the 3-tech, and push the pocket in passing situations while paired with a penetrater.

I like Odrick a lot as a prospect, but the big strike I have against him, which really dampens my enthusiasm for Odrick as the Colts pick, is a striking similarity to a player already on the roster. NFL Draft Scout even says it outright in their report

NFL Comparison: Fili Moala, Indianapolis Colts

Odrick would be a re-do of the Moala pick. 18to88 lays out a great case here, for why it's too early to write off Fili (most notably that 2nd round pick Kelvin Hayden was a similar non-factor his rookie year and future Pro Bowlers Bob Sanders and Marcus Washington were quite pedestrian). Like Jermaine Gresham, Odrick is a great prospect, whose potential role with the team is already filled (though Clark's hold on his job is barely comparable to Fili's presence on the roster and potential to step into a significant role).



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