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MtD 7 round Commenter Mock, Final Results

After 3 weeks the 7 round commenter mock is in the books. Week 1 (rounds 1-2) were recapped here, Week 2 (rounds 3-4) here, and the last 3 rounds along with a trio of UDFA signings per team took place today. Here's my haul,

1(25), Charles Brown, LT, USC   Several teams in the 20-30 range looking to trade down was a double edged sword. One one hand I got a very good deal to trade up (#31 and #94 for #25 and #152, I gained 26.6 points trading up according to the traditional chart), on the other hand all the teams looking to move back is why I needed to trade up in the first place. In the 1st run of the mock I had Brown snatched out from under me by the Seahawks trading up to the pick before me. In this run the Seahawks were again without a LT after their 2 first rounders. Brown gives the Colts a new week 1 starting LT and an upgrade at LG from kicking Charlie Johnson inside.

2(63), Ricky Sapp, DE, Clemson   Huge value on a very athletic pass rusher. Sapp is often projected a late 1st, early 2nd round pick. Even occasionally mocked to the Colts at #31. Sapp gives the Colts a backup for Freeney and Mathis with the potential to grow into a star pass rusher in time.

4(126), Rennie Curran, LB, Georgia   A bit undersized, but bulked up for the combine to about the size of the Colts current LBs (5'11" 235lbs). Curran was tremendously productive in college and brings good cover skills and sideline to sideline speed.

5(152), Garrett Graham, TE, Wisconsin   Graham is a great fit for the Gijon Robinson role in the O, Graham is a very good blocker with the receiving skills to be a great outlet target. He's not a guy that's push deep downfield, but can get open underneath and move the chains.

5(158), C.J. Wilson, DE/DT, East Carolina  Wilson is a player whose reports scream "Brock Clone" to me. Strong against the run, a solidly productive pass rusher (27 career sacks) with excellent size at 6'3" 290 and experienced sliding inside in pass rushing situations. Wilson tested well at the combine with a 4.83 40 at 290lbs and 31 reps of the bench press. He's not an elite edge rusher in the Freeney/Mathis mold, but can hold down in the run game and mounted a solid pass rush in college with his impressive speed-size-strength combo.

7(222), Leigh Tiffin, K, Alabama   Vinatieri is aging, struggling to stay healthy and cashing the 12th biggest check on the roster next year. Tiffin has legitimate range (5/7 from 50+ with a 50+ yarder made each of the last 3 years) with good accuracy. With McAfee handling kickoffs a rocket leg isn't needed, just someone who can be reasonably expected to hit 50 yarders.

Undrafted, CB, Sherrick McManis, Northwestern   Solid zone CB whose stock took a fatal blow with an injury early in the pre-draft process.

Undrafted, S, Van Eskridge, East Carolina  Physical safety with good ball hawking skills, he's not an elite athlete as you'd want for him to stay at FS and not big enough at 6'0" 195lbs to be a box safety. He's should be a great STer and might be able to make an impact as a reserve safety or nickel/dime CB.

Undrafted, C, Kenny Alfred, Washington St.  Quick, athletic interior lineman, he might not fit if there is a serious move for size on the OL by Indy due to his Lilja/Saturday type size, but he's perfect for pass pro and zone blocking.

Many thanks to TheAngelsColts, JP23 and everyone they roped into helping over the last few weeks. You can see the whole draft here (sheet 1 is rounds 1-4, sheet 2 has rounds 5-7, URFAs has the undrafteds and Big Board has the positional rankings).