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2010 NFL Scouting Combine is done; on to free agency

The 2010 NFL Scouting Combine is complete. The next stage in the off-season is NFL free agency, which begins this Friday (March 5th) amid the uncertainty of an uncapped year brought on by the owners opting out of the Collective Bargaining Agreement they signed in 2006. Barring some kind of miracle, 2010 will indeed be an uncapped year with both sides unlikely to talk until after the season is concluded.

Back to the Combine, one player many of us were interested in seeing run the 40 was Alabama's Javier Arenas, but Arenas injured his hamstring on first run and did not complete the drill.

Arenas could not help from shaking his head repeatedly as he watched the other cornerbacks run their 40s, and dejectedly waited for the trainer to come back with a wrap for his ailing hamstring.

After having the sleeve put around his upper right leg, he limped across the field to the benches on the other sideline and sat alone on the end of the bench.

A few other cornerbacks went up to him to see how he was doing, he explained the situation, and on the bench he will remain until all of the Group 10 prospects complete their drills.

Arenas told’s Steve Wyche that he will be ready to work out at Alabama’s pro day on March 10. See a full schedule of all the pro day workouts.

Maybe we will see Arenas' 40 time at the Crime Tide Pro Day. A strong 40 might vault him into the first round. Yes, I know many people have him as a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but people had Chris Johnson as a 2nd and 3rd rounder in 2008. Mock drafts are fun, but they are often not the most accurate measurements in the world.

With free agency looming, here are some last minute tidbits on what the Colts can and cannot do in free agency:

Two levels apply.  For the final four teams (Saints, Colts, Vikings, Jets), they may sign their own unrestricted free agents (e.g., the Colts may sign linebacker Gary Brackett) but they may sign an unrestricted free agent from another team only after losing one of their unrestricted free agents (e.g., the Colts may pursue Vikings running back Chester Taylor only after Brackett signs with another team).

For teams No. 5 through No. 8 (Chargers, Ravens, Cardinals, Cowboys), the Final Eight Plan carries with it an exception.  A big one.  One unrestricted free agent may be signed for a first-year salary above a certain number, and an unlimited amount may be signed at a first-year salary below a certain number, with limited growth in the future.

Chester Taylor's name is getting used as an example. I highly doubt the Colts have any interest in Taylor. With these restrictions in place, it is unlikely we will see the Colts try and sign a significant free agent.