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Who The Hell Will They Draft? Arkansas St. DE, Alex Carrington

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Carrington, like Wootton is a big strong DE, who excels in run D, but doesn't have the elite athleticism for a good edge rush. Both (and C.J. Wilson from East Carolina) are great fits for the recently vacated Raheem Brock role. The Colts returning all for DL starters is somewhat misleading since Brock played 936 snaps in the Colts 19 game season compared to 709 for Dwight Freeney, 734 for Robert Mathis, and 810, 685 and 555 for Foster, Muir and Mookie respectively. Brock's role is basically a vacant starting position and addressing it in the draft is quite likely.

Carrington has great size at 6'5" 285lbs and combines it with great strength and enough range and burst to be an all around great run defender and a very effective bull rusher. Carrington has the kind of frame and skill set to not just eat snaps for the undersized rushers, but really be a factor on run downs. He doesn't have significant experience playing inside, but his size and strength would make it a possibility on passing downs.

Despite a productive history of pass rushing, 19.5 sacks the last two years, he's not expected to be able to be a serious pass rushing threat in the NFL. Simple bull rushes will only occasional variation in rushing moves won't be nearly as effective in the NFL as they were in the Sun Belt Conference.

Mocking the Draft

Carrington is a classic bull-rush pass rusher. He likes to extend his arms and power the offensive lineman backward..... Is a long strider who covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Displays good lateral agility to move down the line and make plays near the sideline. Gets into the backfield in a hurry......Is good off the snap, but won’t blow a lot of offensive linemen away.....With his combination of size and strength, Carrington can be a real asset defending the run. He doesn’t necessarily do anything special in run defense but he’s very solid. He can hold the point of attack and rarely gets pushed backward. He keeps a good base, even against strong blockers (see Senior Bowl practices). Carrington always keeps his legs pumping to push a blocker back toward the ball carrier. Doesn’t need help to bring down a running back......Has very good but not elite strength for a power defensive end. He’s strong enough to hold up at the point of attack and can offer a good bull rush. But Carrington has the frame to get bigger and stronger.....

NFL Draft Scout

Only marginal initial quickness off the snap and lacks the speed to consistently pressure the tackle's outside shoulder as an edge rusher. Good strength and arm length for the bull rush, but relies on this technique too often. Incorporates a rip or spin into his repertoire, on occasion, but rarely. Can get upfield quickly due to his long stride. Closes quickly when he has a free lane.....Has the length and strength to hold up at the point of attack. Locks-out with the tackle and has the lateral agility and balance to work his way toward the sideline, stringing out the sweep. Instinctive, physical run defender that rarely loses contain.....Lacks the explosive strength to instantly disengage, but is "country strong" and thus can walk the pass blocker into the pocket on the bull rush, as well as hold up at the point of attack in the running game. Plays low to the ground despite his frame and flashes the ability to toss aside the blocker to make the play in the hole.....Graduated with a 3.52 GPA in Psychology and plans to return to grad school and become a clinical psychologist after his football career. Recruited by the likes of LSU and Mississippi, among others, but elected to come to Arkansas State to remain closest to his son.

Carrington possesses the necessary size to play defensive end in a 3-4 scheme. He exhibits the strength to hold the edge against the run and the power to push the pocket. Shows good intelligence and instincts to consistently make plays inside the box. Became a very productive player as he developed during his college career.

Carrington only has average range and won't chase down many plays from behind. Lacks the burst and initial quickness to shoot gaps in the running game or come off the edge as a speed rusher. Shows flashes of aggressive play but needs to become more consistent with his motor.

Carrington is the type of player that could fly off the board earlier than expected due to the continuing adoption of the 3-4 as he's a nice fit as an end in that scheme, however on the decent chance he's available in the 2nd round he'd be a very nice addition to the DL filling Brock's shoes.


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