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Um, why hasn't Gary Brackett signed with the Colts yet?

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Dear Brian Mackler (Gary Brackett's agent),

Why hasn't your client re-signed with the Colts yet? The very fact that they are even talking to him about re-signing should tell you the Colts mean business. Bill Polian NEVER re-signs "old" linebackers. He lets the old guys walk, replaces them with younger guys, and then watches the old guys' careers fizzle to nothing as the play for other teams (see Cato June, Mike Peterson, Gilbert Gardner, etc.). Gary is a perfect fit for this defense, and if the Colts are looking to re-sign him, the offer they have on the table is likely very generous.

Since we know Gary likes playing in Indy, the only thing I can logically assume is that, somehow, you are f!cking this up. All rumors point to the Colts wanting to re-sign Brackett to the kind of money the Ravens gave Ray Lewis. I mean, if this is true, what is the friggin hold up? Do you want a virgin sacrificed on an altar as part of the incentives in the contract?

Do us all a favor: Kindly tell your client to sign with the Colts today. It only makes sense. If it doesn't happen, as a fan I can only assume that your greed likely screwed the whole thing up, and the rest of us will be forced to watch Gary get pancaked in a Patriots uniform until his career dries up.

Do the right thing and tell your client to re-sign.




P.S.- This is a note for you Gary: Fire Brian Mackler after you re-sign. He sounds like a Grade-A putz for letting this thing drag out as long as it did. Cheers.