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Kent Sterling, the former program director for 1070-The Fan, thinks Brackett will get signed today

Kent Sterling was once the program director for WIBC and 1070- the Fan in Indianapolis. Not too long ago, after the chaos that was the December 28th, 2009 live broadcast of The Bill Polian Show on 97.1 HANK FM, Kent released a statement saying that "There are people out there spreading an ill-informed and spurrious rumor that Bill Polian left his show in a fit of anger before the show ended. That did not happen."

The "ill-informed" people Kent was referring to was me. I'll forgive him for misspelling "spurious" in an official press release from a major media outlet. I misspell crap all the time.

Obviously, we took Kent to task on his rather silly and passive-aggressive press release. We didn't misinform anyone, and we didn't spread any false rumors about The Bill Polian Show. We simply wrote what we saw and heard, and apparently Mr. Polian and the Colts didn't like that we did that. However, anyone saying or suggesting that we spread false rumors about that broadcast is either lying or trying to spin their own campaign of misinformation in order to save face.

Not long after this little dust-up, Kent was let go from EMMIS Communications (the parent company) as the program director of WIBC and 1070- The Fan. On his personnel blog, Kent wrote about being let go and it sounds like there were no hard feelings. And while we are on the subject of hard feelings, in case this article meets Kent's eyes, I personally don't have any negativity towards him for essentially calling me a liar back in December. I've been called much worse, and like in most situations where I'm called names, it's just people getting pissed because I DARED to shine a bright light on something they didn't want anyone to notice.

Anyway, all that crap aside, in his post-WIBC life, Kent Sterling is now blogging up a storm at his personnel site (which is quite good, I might add). Today, Kent made his feelings known about the Gary Brackett situation. He states that the Colts will re-sign Brackett today, and that Bill Polian is a great evaluator of linebacker talent.

I hope Kent is right, and I hope he continues to blog. He's good at it.