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Colts are letting Tim Jennings and Aaron Francisco walk [UPDATE:] No tender for Marlin Jackson either

For all you fans out there (and you know who you are), next season you won't have Tim Jennings to kick around anymore:

The Indianapolis Colts won't offer cornerback Tim Jennings and safety Aaron Francisco new contracts, allowing them to become free agents.

Agents for both players confirmed the decisions Thursday to The Associated Press.

Jennings and Francisco on Friday will become unrestricted free agents who can sign with any team and the Colts will not be compensated for the loss. Jennings played primarily in nickel packages last season and was ninth on the team with 51 tackles.

Again, I'm no big cheerleader for Jennings, and I got a chuckle recently when someone posted a comment that I was too "starstruck" by him when we interviewed him at the Super Bowl. My feelings about Jennings are well documented. He was a bust as a second round pick, but he was not a "bad" corner. I think that is a pretty fair evaluation of Jennings.

Aaron Francisco is also getting shown the door. He was a good special teams contributor in 2009, but not really an option at safety.

Jennings and Francisco were restricted free agents. We are waiting for information on the other restricted free agents the Colts have yet to tender.

Shake Addition: Adam Shefter reported on Sportscenter that the Colts will not tender Marlin Jackson. No link as of yet. Because Jackson made 2.76mil last year a tender would cost 3.04mil