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Raheem Brock Tweets his days as a Colts defensive player are over; Jerraud Powers shocked

Colts defensive end Raheem Brock, a fan favorite who is also one of the best players on the team, Tweeted this a few moments ago:

The superbowl was the last time ull see me in a colts uniform! Its been real indy!

The news is very much a slap across the face. In fact, it was so surprising that Colts starting corner Jerraud Powers had the exact same reaction the rest of us did:

whaaaaaaaaaaaat...yooo what happen

When more details come out, we will inform you. But, for now, it seems unlikely Raheem Brock would lie on his Twitter page, and if Colts players are shouting "WTF!" it is a move that is very much out of the blue.

[UPDATE]: From Paul Kuharsky at ESPN:

Brock's agent, Kevin Pompey, said that Brock had asked to be released and has spoken to Bill Polian. But Pompey said he had not spoken to Colts management.

Brock signed a five-year, $23.6 million contract in 2006 with an $8 million bonus. John Clayton tells me Brock's scheduled salary this season was $3.79 million and he had a $500,000 roster bonus.

Um, why is Raheem Brock asking to be released? It can't be the money and it can't be the playing time, because if it it Brock is a greedy self-absorbed idiot who thinks waaaaaaaaaaay to highly of himself. I don't think that is the case. Something is up.