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Welcome to the 2010 NFL Free Agency Spend-a-thon!

Free agency in an uncapped year is now upon us! The first few, initial moves have involved the Jets trading for Antonio Cromartie, sending a third round pick to the Chargers in 2011. We have guys like Julius Peppers visiting the Bears and Karlos Dansby heading to Miami to chat with the Dolphins.

We also have the Vikings in hot pursuit of now-former Colts corner Marlin Jackson.

Speaking of the Colts, John Clayton is telling us that Gary Brackett will likely re-sign with the Colts today. With all the flurry of information coming in yesterday afternoon and last night, we should probably do a quick recap after the jump.

  • Raheem Brock Tweeted that he will not longer play for the Colts. Reasons are still unknown. Brock is not a free agent, and is under contract in 2010.
  • Aaron Francisco, TJ Rushing, Tyjuan Hagler, Freddy Keiaho, Tim Jennings, Hank Baskett, Daniel Federkeil, and Marlin Jackson were not tendered offers as restricted free agents. Any team can sign them and that team would not owe the Colts any compensation in terms of draft picks.
  • Antoine Bethea was given a first round tender.
  • Daniel Muir, Antonio Johnson, Charlie Johnson, and Melvin Bullitt were all given second round tenders.

After all this activity, ESPN's Paul Kuharsky summed up the implications for the Colts come April:

The draft will likely focus, then, on offensive tackle, a defensive end to grow up behind Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, restocking depth in the secondary after not tendering three players who were in line to be restricted free agents (Marlin Jackson, Tim Jennings and Aaron Francisco) and perhaps the return games.

Some of the players who were not tendered could come back, especially those willing to battle it out for back-up jobs. It's important to note that several of the players not tendered are key members of the Colts special teams, including Rushing, Francisco, Keiaho, and Baskett. Hagler and Jackson started 2009 as starters, but lost their jobs due to injuries.

Since the NFL Draft cannot possibly re-fill all these empty roster spots, we have to assume that some of these guys will be back, or that the Colts will sign some free agents down the road. Regardless, change is in the wind. The 2010 Colts will likely look different than the team that went to the Super Bowl in 2009.