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Raheem Brock released by the Colts

Apparently, Raheem Brock wasn't kidding when he Tweeted yesterday that the Super Bowl might have been the last time we see him play in a Colts inform. According to USA Today's Howard Balzer (via Twitter), the Colts have released Raheem:

Indy cuts DE Raheem Brock and QB Jim Sorgi. Philly officially cuts Brian Westbrook. New Orleans re-signs UFA S Pierson Prioleau.

We're kind of beginning a new era in Colts football. Brock was one of the first players brought here after Tony Dungy was hired as head coach in 2002. He was drafted by his hometown Philadelphia Eagles and then cut during camp. The Colts signed him, and he was starting at right end. Brock made a switch to DT in 2006, and was the starting DT in Super Bowl 41.

Whether he played DE, DT, or sometimes pass rushing linebacker, Brock was all effort, 100% of the time. One of my favorite games featuring Brock was in Jacksonville in 2008. Dungy starting using Brock as a "joker" pass rusher, and he was making life miserable for David Garrard and the Jaguars. After a big second half sack, Brock turned around and flexed towards the cameras. I wrote this about the play almost two years ago:

Raheem Brock and Robert Mathis also brought it last night, Brock in particular. His sack of Garrard at the 3:48 mark stuffed a promising drive for the Jags. They punted, and lost more time to catch up. Really, in all honesty, the game ended when Ratliff ran that TD back.

Raheem Brock's honesty in interviews and his commentary on Twitter made him one of my favorite players. Maybe he will come back to the team at a lower price, especially since the market for 32-year-old mediocre pass rushers will likely not help Raheem score a big contract. But, I'm not to terribly optimistic he will. 

For now, I just say thanks to Raheem for being a cornerstone player who helped turn our franchise around.

He's a player I will miss.