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Jaguars make a good move, sign Aaron Kampman

For well over eight years the Jaguars have tried (and failed) to build a defense that can actually stop the pass. They've traded up to get busts like Derrick Harvey and they've shifted defensive philosophies back and forth in order to generate some kind of pass rush.

This year, the Jags actually made a move that could help them get after the quarterback. According to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, late last night the Jags signed former-Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman to a multi-year deal.

Let it not be said that when a division rival makes a good move that I or others on this site ignore it, belittle it, or dismiss it. This is a strong move for the Jags; a "transformative" move, so says Paul Kuharsky. Kampman was a multi-sack player before Mike McCarthy got dumb and shifted the defensive philosophy to a 3-4 style. Kampman did not fit that style and only generated 3.5 sacks in 2009.

Another reason why Kampman's sack numbers were so low in 2009 was his season was cut short by injury. In November, he was placed on IR because of an ACL tear. ACL tears are tricky, and it is unclear as to whether Kampman will be able to come back and be the Aaron Kampman of old. Kampman's rehab is supposedly going well, but to quote National Football Posts' Andrew Brandt:

The issue with Aaron, coming off an ACL, will be the physical he takes with a new team. My reports are that his knee looks good and his rehabilitation has been successful (but whoever says his rehab is not going well?).

If Kampman is healthy and adjusts well to Jack Del Rio's return to the 4-3 defense, this could be a big move for the Jags defense. One of the reasons the Colts out-and-out own the Jags is because the Spotted Kitties can never generate a consistent pass rush on Big P. With a healthy Kampman on board, it will be harder for the Colts to control the line-of-scrimmage. Upgrading the Colts offensive line just went to DEFCON-5 for Bill Polian and the Colts personnel staff.

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