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Who The Hell Will They Draft? Rutgers CB, Devin McCourty

McCourty screams scheme fit. A bit undersized, but physical in run support. Better in zone than man (though he can and has played man, so it shouldn't be an issue for him to man up when the blitz comes). McCourty brings durability to a secondary that has been severely thinned by injury. McCourty never missed a game at Rutgers, playing in 52 over 4 years, the last 3 of them as a starter.

He picked off 6 passes in his career, but broke up 27 more. He was a very valuable special teamer, returning kicks for a 25.4 yard average last year, and blocking 7! kicks in his career.

McCourty appears to be a great fit for short zone and run support most of the game, but also to go long with the WR in man or cover-3 on the occasional blitz.

Mocking The Draft

Is very smooth in his backpedal with fluid hips. Shows he has the kind of quick-twitch agility a cornerback needs. Turns and runs with ease. Shows good leaping ability....Stat line doesn't indicate McCourty's ball skills. Makes plays on the ball, but doesn't intercept a lot of passes....Not the best press coverage cornerback. Knows how to properly read routes, which helps his anticipation. But when he's up in the air, larger receivers can over-power McCourty. Better at playing off instead of press..... Showed his talent as a tackler playing as a gunner on punts. Can break down in space and take on agile ball carriers. Has some trouble getting off blocks, but shows a lot of effort as a tackler.....Much better in zone than man. Shows good awareness and typically keeps the play in front of him. Reads the quarterback really nicely. This allows him to get a jump on the pass.....Played in a defensive scheme that used man and cover-2 coverage.

CBS Sports

Reads receiver's body language to see if his man is the primary target. Quick to jump routes because he reads the quarterback well. Doesn't bite on stop-and-go routes. Supports the run quickly, even when the play is between the tackles or on the other side of the field... Plays more physically than you would expect for his size...Should make a very good zone corner in the NFL. Good awareness, keeping one eye on the short receiver and another on any players trying to hit the hole behind him. Comes off his man to react to a ball in the air. Makes the easy interception...Baits quarterbacks into throwing in his direction, closing very well when the ball is in front of him....Very willing (and able) to support the run. Attacks running backs coming into his area, bringing them down with veracity. Holds up his man to force plays inside. Hustles across the field to plays on the opposite sideline. Tough player....Doesn't give up many yards after catch. Attacks screens, even after push off from larger receivers. Avoids blocks in the open field, usually wrapping a leg instead of cutting. Rarely misses completely, even against elusive runners. Should be one of the better special teams players in his class.

NFL Comparison: Ronde Barber, Buccaneers

He possesses great athletic ability combined with impressive instincts. Is an experienced prospect. Has the work ethic necessary to maximize his skill-set at the next level. Is a highly competitive defender. Has been productive during his career. Special teams standout as both a returner and on coverage units.

McCourty has somewhat of a slight build and can be taken advantage of by taller, more physical receivers. Must improve his block protection in order to be more productive in run support. Only possesses average ball skills, will drop some catchable balls and won’t make many circus plays.

McCourty would be a major boost to the CB corps and special teams. He's got the skills to play nickel right away and the tools to develop into a top line starter in a zone-heavy scheme. He's a late 1st round prospect. There's a good chance he'll be around for Indy's pick, and it's not hard to envision a board in which he's my favorite player remaining.