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Colts might have brought back Roy Hall

I have no life. I admit it. And since I have no life, all I do all day is hit F5 on the Colts roster page, hoping for some kind of change to the list. Today, the Colts updated their page, adding names like J.D. Skolnitsky and removing names like Raheem Brock.

However, one name that was seemingly re-added was wide receiver Roy Hall, assigned #81.


I'll try and get confirmation on this, but the page is marked as being updated March 9, 2010, and players like Tim Jennings and T.J. Rushing are off the list. So, if Hall is there, it likely is not a mistake.

Hall was placed on the injured-waived list in mid-August of last year. The general feeling at the time was his career with the Colts was over. Perhaps that feeling was inaccurate.

Interesting side note: Recent Colts signing Andy Alleman is not listed on this new roster page.