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Peyton Manning Voted Most Handsome Quarterback in the NFL

According to a recent news report, there is another accolade for the reigning regular season MVP Peyton Manning- he was recently voted the Most Handsome Quarterback in the NFL! He narrowly beat out Brother Eli and Drew "Easy" Brees for this prestigious AP award. Voted on by a committee from the "Twilight Fan Club", Manning earned a total of 34 of the possible 40 first place votes.


It's easy! I throw, you catch!

It's no secret that Manning is a very handsome quarterback, but this award still surprised some other candidates.

"Man, I totally thought I had it in the bank," Titans QB Vince Young was heard saying after the award was announced. "I come back to this team and reel off how many consecutive wins? My team was straight ugly without me. I was clearly the hottest player in the league, never mind quarterback. I'm goin' to go to his house and pick up my award."

A certain elderly quarterback echoed Young's sentiments.

"I have to keep coming back in order to keep my name in the record books," said Vikings (maybe) QB Brett Favre. "I was on fire this whole season and my gray hair is extremely distinguished. I'm basically the George Clooney of the NFL. Or that Dos Equis guy. I'm the most interesting man in the world- and I'm going to stay in the headlines until you all agree with me."

I managed to get an interview with the new Most Handsome Quarterback of the NFL and get a few great quotes. However, he looks quite different away from the football field.

Interview after the jump!


Peyton At Home, During the Off-Season

Apparently his hair sticks up when it's not under a football helmet, but he still looks professional. I managed to get this interview right after he mooned a lucky personal trainer.

Q: So Peyton, how does it feel to be the most Handsome QB in the NFL?

A: Meep.

Q: Of course it’s great to be voted more handsome than anyone else- how would this rank award rank in comparison to the other ones?

A: Meep Meep.

Q: Right up there with the 1996 All-American? Really? How do you think you would compare to some of the all-time greats?

A: Meep.

Q: I don’t think Kermit or the Swedish Chef were QBs, but that’s some pretty great company to be associated with. Thanks for your time!

A: Meep Meep.


So congratulations to Peyton Manning and may his success continue down the road. Maybe he should take some tips from Tom Brady and not Ben Roethlisberger on how to deal with your new found fame. And maybe not have a kid. Hopefully Ashley doesn’t get jealous!