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New England Patroits Go on a Date with Florida QB Tim Tebow

While the Colts have been busy looking for great potential prospects, the Patriots brass have been busy taking their clients out on dates. Recently, Tim Tebow stayed 2 days with New England and was taken to a fine dining experience in the North End. Coach Belichick was apparently heard stating, "I don’t know what position you could play for us, but you definitely have a tight end!" Belichick, not known for his sweet talking or his wining and dining, appears to have taken a step away from his normal procedures- which means that Tebow could be of special interest. Tebow is expected to try and become a quarterback in the NFL, but there have been rumors that teams will try and convert him to TE or HB.

Tebow is best known for freeing the Jews from Egypt, raising Lazarus from the dead and writing the Declaration of Independence. On his off time, he moonlights as a quarterback and apparently was "pretty good" in college. Darth Hoodius already has a "pretty good" quarterback in Marsha Brady, but there’s always room for improvement.

When asked for what he was aiming for in this year’s draft, Coach Belichick said, "We’re looking for a football player. Or not a football player. I’m not telling you. But I’ll act like I’m telling you something deep and meaningful. But it’s not."

Regardless of what position Tebow plays, as long as he plays for the Patriots, he’ll be just another player for Dwight Freeney to tackle.