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Patriots QB Tom Brady Voted Most Beautiful Quarterback in the NFL

In the same day that Peyton Manning was selected as "Most Handsome Quarterback in the NFL", the Patriots QB Tom Brady was voted "Most Beautiful Quarterback in the NFL." Unlike the "Handsome" award, which is for the player who is best defined by the word "gritty", the "Beautiful" award is for the player who is best defined by the word "cologne".


And Tom Brady Loves his Cologne

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Brady, who did not qualify for the "Most Handsome Quarterback" award, was clearly unshaken after Peyton Manning's victory. Brady was content with narrowly beating out Jets’ rookie Mark Sanchez for the "Beautiful" award by a tally of 21-19. Brady clearly was proud of his award.

"Beautiful is the new manly!," said Tom Brady at the award ceremony. "Some players don’t understand how far a little gel in the hair can get you in this league- it got me to 50 touchdowns in one season! You thought that was [Randy] Moss? Nah; that was me flashing a smile at the oncoming defensive players."


Brady has shown a clear interest in modeling after he finishes his NFL career and has the connections to succeed. His wife is Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and is clearly more popular than her husband amongst teenage boys. Brady, sensing her popularity, has already tried his hand at modeling and did an excellent job.


You’re a baaaaaa-d boy Mr. Brady

Seeing how much success rival and "Handsome" award winner Manning was having translating his handsomeness into large commercial deals, Brady decided

that he should take his newfound "beautiful" skill and take it into film making



He is clearly influenced by Manning’s infamous "Cut That Meat" commercial and decided to take it up a notch. From Brady’s nonchalant first reaction to the camera being in to kitchen, to his awkward waving of his hands, to his fantastically graceful crossing and uncrossing of his legs at second 0:18, you can tell that he is meant to be on the big screen.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to go to the movies to see this guy?


Oooooohhh yeeeaaaaahhh