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New Indiapolis Colts Alternative Jersey Released!

The Seattle Seahawks had their Lime Greens.

The Denver Broncos had the Mustard Yellow and Browns.

The San Diego Chargers have the Powder Blues.

The Chicago Bears have the Oranges.

Many other teams have introduced jerseys in the past couple of years to great reception. While these Jerseys usually have a link to some historical uniform used in the past, some just utilize other team colors. The Colts have stayed away from wearing a third jersey, apart from the throwbacks used in the 2004 Thanksgiving game. However, with the game evolving and merchandise aways in high demand, the Colts have decided to release a new jersey that they hope the fanbase will embrace.

Staying away from the traditional Speed Blue and White, the Colts hope to use a jersey that is completely unique. The new uniform will be unisexly colored so fans of both gender can show off their Colts pride. The colors are supposed to make the uniform stand out on the field, while retaining the crispness that the Colts uniform represents. Drawing from the rich history of the city, the Colts have used colors often associated with the industrial nature of every fan, as well as NASCAR, the NCAAB Final Four and the Indiana Gas Boom.

No, it is not beer colored.

These uniforms will be worn during all major games in an attempt to create a demand for these alternative jerseys in the Pro Shop (where they will be available for a modest $249.99). If the Colts play on Monday Night Football, you can be assured they will be wearing these jerseys, whether or not the game is home or away. If the game is a Thursday Night game, the Colts will proudly wear these jerseys. If the game is on a major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, New Years, the Holy Sabbath Day [aka Sunday], etc), then the Colts will definitely wear these jerseys.

So without further ado, I present the newest addition to your must-have Colts fan's wardrobe:

The 2011 Indianapolis Colts Alternative Jersey


Apparently the Colts have a 5 year old design their new jerseys with crayons.