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Who The Hell Will They Draft? Iowa CB Amari Spievey

It's Iowa week at WTHWTD? now that Dan at MtD has turned out a nice helping of Hawkeye prospect scouting reports. Running a cover-2 zone D and a pro style O, Iowa has a number of excellent scheme fits for the Colts. First off one of the very best fits. Iowa's cover-2 and Indy's Tampa-2 have very similar assignments for cornerbacks, meaning that CB Amari Spievey is a prospect who could plug in quickly. Spievey was a excellent zone corner, to the point of teams avoiding his zone, but where he really made an impression on me was in run support. Spievey is a very willing and extremely sure tackler. A lack of elite speed and occasional footwork troubles turning and running with WRs makes him a far better fit in zone than man.

In two years starting at Iowa Spievey recorded 86 solo tackles with another 38 assisted, 6 interceptions with an additonal 14 pass breakups and 1 forced fumble

Spievey is a perfect fit to play the short zones and support against the run in a Cover-2/Tampa-2 heavy scheme. In addition to his great play as a zone CB. Spievey stood out as a gunner on punts where his sure tackling was a great asset. Spievey was used on some kick and punt returns, where he had no issues catching on holding onto the ball while shaking tackles, but didn't usually pick up much yardage before getting swarmed. His (great) ST value would be on the coverage teams.

Mocking the Draft

Is a very good tackler and knows how to wrap up correctly. Is strong as a run supporter. He may get locked up on blocked, but Spievey knows the correct angles to take to get to the ball carrier uninhibited.

Looks the part of an excellent cover-2 cornerback. Knows how to maintain his position and wait for a play to develop. Doesn't get antsy when receivers are working through his area. Reads routes really well. Reads the play in front of him as good as any corner in this year's draft. 

NFL Draft Scout

Very experienced zone corner. Shows good awareness of receivers and closes on throws in either direction. Uses his length and height to knock the ball away. Flashes great hands, adjusting to high, low or wide throws, but could be more consistent going for and making the interception.

Willing to attack blocks in run support to turn plays inside, but doesn't shed quickly enough to make plays. Cut-tackles and wraps in space. Crashes down and chases effectively when no receiver lines up on his side of the field.

Flashes explosive tackling ability on the edge, will plant running backs into the turf. Effective cut tackler who keeps his head up, but should be wrapping up smaller ballcarriers instead of diving for their legs. Gunner on special teams, has good speed and strength to break through double teams but doesn't always get off blocks. Can wrap up return man before he makes his first move.

Spievey has an impressive combination of size, height and athleticism for the cornerback position. He’s been a very productive performer out on the edge. No durability questions to report. Possesses very good ball skills. Spievey only displays average instincts. Catch-up speed is an area of concern, can be beaten over the top.

Spievey is a player that's very ready to contribute at the NFL level on STs and (in a cover-2 D) on the defense. Spievey could step right into a sub-package role with the Colts playing underneath assignments almost identical to those he had at Iowa.

In a deep, talented and tightly packed class of corners Spievey could come off the board anywhere from the mid 2nd to the late 3rd round. He would be a steal for Indy at the #95 pick and I wouldn't the least bit doubt his ability to live up to a 2nd round pick if the Colts thought highly enough of Amari to spend one on him.


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