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Brandon Marshall traded to Miami Dolphins; entire draft changed again

The news just hit from Adam Shefter, via PFT:

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Marshall has been shipped to the Dolphins for a second-round pick in the 2010 draft and "what is thought to be" a second-round selection in 2011.  The deal hinges on Marshall passing a physical.  (Though a formality, Marshall has had an on-and-off hip issue, the handling of which caused his relationship with the Broncos to sour.)

Marshall also expected to sign "one of the most lucrative wide receiver deals" in league history.

Anyone thinking the Dolphins will go wide receiver in Round One of the draft might want to re-consider. This move also seems to guarantee that Ted Ginn Jr. will be traded. Should the Colts look to trade for Ginn, seeing as they very much need an improved special teams return game? Maybe.