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Who The Hell Will They Draft? Iowa MLB Pat Angerer

The last Iowa defender in the draft, today on WTHWTD?: Iowa week. In addition to having one of the best names in college football Angerer was a productive and well rounded linebacker for the last two years at Iowa. Angerer excelled despite a lack of great size (only a touch over 6 foot, and just 235lbs) or elite athleticism (4.71 40 at the combine), due to great instincts and relentless effort.

Angerer piled up 252 total tackles in his two years starting at Iowa. Like Edds, the Iowa scheme had him making more plays downfield than in the backfield with Angerer totaling more INTs and pass breakups (6 and 8) than TFLs and sacks (11.5 and 2).

His lack of both size and edge rushing athleticism locks him into a 4-3, likely in the middle only, strongly reducing potential landing spots and demand for him. On the other hand a linebacker with great awareness and instincts, along with extensive coverage experience (Iowa's policy on sub-packages meant Angerer took just about every defensive snap), is always attractive to a team that likes cover LBs.

Mocking the Draft

Angerer excels at figuring out screen plays and blowing them up. Doesn't get fooled by play action when he's asked to drop back. Has lined up against receivers on the line, but shouldn't be considered a great coverage linebacker. Still, Angerer has good enough awareness to stay on the field on obvious passing downs and cover an area in zone.

Very smart as a run defender. Keeps his shoulders square to the line when the play is still in front of him and shuffles down. More quick than strong to avoid blockers. May not attack the line of scrimmage as much as you'd like, but rarely allowed running backs to get past him in his area.

Angerer rates so highly mainly because he can stay on the field for all three downs and will be a great special teams player. He's smart and rough, which helps him overcome some physical and athletic deficiencies. He really came on as a junior and senior as the team's unquestioned leader on defense.

NFL Draft Scout

Has a nose for the ball on run plays. Reads the quarterback's eyes in coverage, and is quick to get to the ball in the air. Not easily fooled by misdirection and has the speed to recover after a false step.

Can go sideline-to-sideline and down the field to chase the ball from the middle. Despite being undersized playing inside, he will take on linemen and disengage from blocks to make the play. Quick enough to avoid some blocks but he gets planted into the ground too often and does not change direction quickly enough to catch elite runners. Gets a bit nosy inside at times, finding it tough to get through trash if the play bounces outside. Needs defensive linemen to tie up blockers and keep him free to be effective.

Able to drop quickly to the first-down marker and find a receiver, even after play-action. Good ball awareness in zone coverage; always on the nearest receiver. Very adept at making the interception and will make difficult catches. Lines up against slot receivers, but it's a mismatch if they have any speed or elusiveness.

Angerer is a smart linebacker. Plays with a high level of toughness and plays bigger than his listed measurables. Possesses the necessary instincts to locate the football and sniff out misdirection plays.

Size is a concern for Angerer who is much better when protected by space-eating interior lineman. Is inconsistent with block protection and can be engulfed by larger offensive lineman.

Two undrafted Colts LBs came to mind when considering how Angerer would fit. Is Angerer more like Gary Brackett, who can perform at a high level without good size or great athleticism thanks to his awareness, instincts and effort, or his he like former Colts LB Jordan Senn, an undersized but prolific college tackler whose game translates only to special teams in the pros? Angerer is usually projected from the 4th to the 6th round, but could go as high as the 3rd, or fall out of the draft due to the limit number of schemes he'd fit into.

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