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Who The Hell Will They Draft? Iowa TE, Tony Moeaki

One of the more flattering nicknames given to Tony Moeaki, The Tongan Superman, is rather appropriate given Moeaki's wide range of elite skills, and one massive flaw. That flaw earned him the far less flattering nickname of The Glass TE. Moeaki missed 26 games in his career at Iowa while playing in 37 games, never playing more than 10 in a single season.

When he was healthy Moeaki showed off excellent hands, good route running, solid speed and athleticism and fantastic blocking. Moeaki's skill set is ideal for a team looking for a strong blocking in-line TE who can be a factor in the passing game. The serious risk is that Moeaki is likely to have trouble keeping that skill set on the field.

Mocking the Draft

Moeaki might not be the most athletic, but he was a dependable target in the Iowa offense. He has really good hands and can block fairly well. He's not going to be a flashy pick, but a good one.

National Football Post

Moeaki is natural bender who gets into his routes quickly off the line and displays good body control as a route runner. Maintains good balance down the field and is able to cleanly snap out of his breaks, creating separation as a route runner. Is a smooth athlete who extends his arms away from his frame and plucks the ball well with his hands.

He might be the best blocking tight end in the nation. Possesses the athleticism to quickly get into blocks Moeaki exhibits impressive natural power and leverage on contact and is a bear to disengage from. Has the lower body strength to consistently win at the point of attack and possesses ideal technique and hand placement. Has the ability to eventually win a starting tight end spot on an NFL roster because of his ability to block and contribute in the pass game. Can win battles in both the run and pass game.

NFL Draft Scout

Regularly makes highlight reel catches but will have the occasional crucial drop. Very good body control to make catches against the sideline, down the seam in traffic and on jump balls. Uses his hands more often than not, grabbing the ball away from his frame. Adjusts to poor passes whether high, low or wide. A reliable red zone target who uses his size and hands to hold off smaller defenders.

Can be used in motion and on the line. Gets open on crossing and corner patterns against man coverage, and sits down in zones. Not an elite athlete; doesn't sink his hips when making a cut. Sells the block before turning for a middle screen, bootleg or short out in the end zone. Aware of the sideline, getting both feet in bounds while securing the catch, even when under pressure.

Gives very good effort and owns some pop blocking for the run game. Has the bulk and strength to seal the edge against defensive ends, as well as the feet to mirror them in pass protection. Keeps feet moving and hands active to maintain angle and sustain. Blocks through the whistle.

Moeaki has shown the talent that made him the top TE in the country coming out of high school and if he stays healthy he has an excellent chance to be the best TE in the draft class. That if is enormous though, as he's rarely stayed healthy for extended periods of time while at Iowa.


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