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Know Your Colts History: Sculpting Peyton


In sports, a statue is the ultimate sign of respect.  Certainly, the Hall of Fame is an exclusive group, but for most of that club, their busts in Canton are the only chiseled depictions they have to their name.  A player has to be legend among legends to get a statue that goes below the neck.

Peyton Manning meets whatever criteria you can think of to deserve a statue in his honor.  You can be sure the season after he hangs it up, there will be a new statue unveiled at Lucas Oil Field.  If you want to dispute this, please return to the cave where you've spent the last 20 years of your life.

The question is, what will his statue look like?  In a career filled with as many great memories as Peyton's, there are so many different possibilities that would make for a great piece of art, but you have to find something that can pay tribute to an entire career in just one pose.  How do you do it?  After the jump, we'll brainstorm some poses for a possible Peyton Manning statue.

"The Struggle"

Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis Colts v Chicago Bears

When it comes to Peyton's Super Bowl victory, this is the moment most Colts fans remember.  Plus, you have Peyton gritting his teeth and getting his jersey pulled from his body as he makes the throw.  If you're looking for a statue that captures Peyton's John Wayne-esque qualities, this should be your choice.

"The Audible"

Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans

Love it or hate it (and you should love it), Peyton's audibles are one of his most identifiable characteristics.  A statue of Peyton going through his routine at the line of scrimmage would be the ultimate testament to the preparation and dedication that went into every snap.

"The Legend"

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts

Other than audibles, winning is the most distinguishable trait of the Peyton Manning era.  This pose captures a sight every Colts fan is familiar with, Peyton acknowledging the crowd after another win at home.  Turning this pose into a statue would make sure Colts fan remember exactly what it was like to see Peyton head to locker room with another win under his belt every time they went to Lucas Oil Field.

"The Great Salesman"


The funding for this statue has to come from somewhere, right?