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Who The Hell Will They Draft? Boise St. CB/PR, Kyle Wilson

A very good pre-draft may have bumped Wilson from the late 1st/early 2nd range, to beyond the Colts reach at #31, but if he does fall he'll fill two needs for Indy. Wilson would bring CB depth with starter potential and as a bonus Wilson had success as a punt returner at Boise State, returning 64 punts for 808 yards (12.6 ave) and 3 TDs in his career.

Wilson's run support has received widely varying reviews from hardy praise to a dismissive label of "cover corner", but a nice set of man and zone cover skills is unquestioned. Wilson very good speed and was physical with WRs at the line. He's probably better in man than zone right now, but his zone skills are solid and can be developed further.

Wilson's leadership as a senior was heavily praised and he was reportedly fantastic in the offseason before his senior year, putting in the work to make himself an elite player, not resting on his laurels as a 3rd year starter and All-Conference CB.

Mocking the Draft

Very quick and fluid hips. Shows a lot of flexibility when swinging to either side. Remains balanced throughout. Light on his feet and changes direction with ease at a high speed. Reacts to the ball better than most receivers. Can adjust his body to any angle in order to ensure he comes down with the ball. Plays with complete balance from head to toe, constantly upright and in position to explode in a break. Very smart player that anticipates throws. Gets himself moving towards the action before the ball is even thrown. Does trust his instincts too much at times, can be fooled and caught gambling. Gets caught peeking in to the backfield, will lose track of what is behind him in zone coverage. Likes to be physical at the point of attack and has abused receivers trying to get off his jam. Has the speed and quick step to shadow a receiver all over the field. Fluid as he turns and runs, maintains acceleration while keeping track of the ball. A true hustler that knows his speed, takes proper angles. Very physical, shows zero hesitation in throwing his body in to the action. Can blitz with the best of them, and he knows how to finish. Wraps up more than the average cornerback but will get caught diving at the ankles.Can use his reading ability and explosion well with the action transpiring in front of him. Does not do well when moving backwards in zone coverage, loses track of the action behind him.

NFL Draft Scout

Good anticipatory and reaction skills. Has the agility to mirror the receiver's breaks and likes to sneak a peek at the quarterback in an attempt to get a break on the ball....Good straight-line speed and the agility to stick with receivers throughout a route. Smooth hip turn. Doesn't lose speed in his transition.....Has a low, tight backpedal. Good speed to maintain cushion. Quick feet to change direction efficiently and locates the ball quickly with a closing burst....Aggressive defender who will bait the quarterback in zone coverage and can break on the ball quickly to make the interception. Times leaps well and can snatch the pass outside of his frame. Can make the first defender miss as a returner and is an elusive runner with good vision. Sets up his blocks well and has the burst to squeeze through gaps and the breakaway speed to go the distance.....Plays with a cover corner mentality and rarely involves himself in run support. Flashes physicality as a hitter, but is typically more of a duck-and-swipe tackler. Has taken advantage of unsuspecting and defenseless receivers catching passes over the middle.Takes too long to get past the receiver's block and rarely attacks the line of scrimmage. Can be antagonistic on the field and has a tendency to play through the whistle. Reportedly had a spectacular offseason in the weight room and on the practice field prior to the 2009 season. Re-dedicated himself and was characterized by the coaching staff as developing into more of a leader.

Wilson is a fast-twitch corner who possesses tremendous athleticism. He’s a durable performer who did not miss any games while at Boise State. Instinctual player who displays great anticipation in pass coverage. Possesses impressive ball skills. Also a candidate to help out in the return game, which only increases his value. Did nothing but produce for the Broncos.

Only possesses average size and can have trouble dealing with bigger receivers. Wilson is willing but inconsistent in run support and misses some tackles. Despite impressive ball-skills, he needs to get his head turned around when in man coverage and locate the ball better in the air.

Wilson is a player of serious interest if he falls to #31. He'd likely be the punt returner for the foreseeable future, get a shot at kickoffs and work in the nickel or dime as a rookie depending on how the Colts feel about his zone skills, run support and recognition of fakes. To go with that instant impact he has the potential to grow into a top level CB down the line.


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